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Pyramid Mooring Anchor
Designed to penetrate the bottom and prevent dragging.

The Dor-Mor Pyramid Mooring Anchor rapidly penetrates the bottom due to the high point loading of its compact size and shape. Our product achieves approximately 10 times its dry weight in holding power once it has penetrated the bottom and is completely covered with bottom material. The large surface area of the pyramid shape has a high suction effect which increases the deeper it sets.

Independent test results are in!

Conventional Mooring Anchor
Holding Power Test Data

Comparative holding power based on actual independent testing at Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Tests conducted during June, 1994 at 3:1 scope (3 times water depth in chain).

650 lb.
500 lb.
2,000 lb.
8,000 lb.
6,500 lb.*
1,200 lb.
800 lb.
4,000 lb.

The Tests revealed three important facts:

* The pull test was conducted with the Dor-Mor Pyramid Anchor being attached with only 2.2 to 1 scope. At that ratio had holding power of 4,500 lb. All other devices being attached with 3: 1 scope or more. Calculations have been interpolated to extend the Dor-Mor anchor pull to the 3:1 scope data. All of these anchors had been put in the water and left for some period of time with no special installation procedure prior to the test.

Find The right Pyramid
Anchor for your needs.

Minimum Mooring Anchor Size Requirements
Based on wind loading data at minimum of 3:1 scope
with suitable bottom conditions for anchor to imbed.

Wind Load
64 Knots
Wind Load
100 Knots
20 Ft.
8/9 Ft.
1,600 Lb.
200 Lb.
3,600 Lb.
400 Lb.
25 Ft.
8/9 Ft.
2,200 Lb.
300 Lb.
5,000 Lb.
500 Lb.
30 Ft.
9/11 Ft.
3,200 Lb.
400 Lb.
7,000 Lb.
700 Lb.
40 Ft.
11/14 Ft.
5,400 Lb.
700 Lb.
12,000 Lb.
2,000 Lb.
50 Ft.
13/16 Ft.
7,300 Lb.
1,000 Lb.
16,000 Lb.
2,000 Lb.
60 Ft.
15/18 Ft.
9,100 Lb.
1,000 Lb.
20,000 Lb.
2,000 Lb.
80 Ft.
19/22 Ft.
13,000 Lb.
2,000 Lb.
31,000 Lb.
4,000 Lb.

Wind loads recited based on data from the American Boat & Yacht Council.

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Anchor sizes for every purpose:
holding vessels
navigation and regulatory buoys
oceanographic equipment
containment booms
communication cables
aquaculture pens and more.

We can supply individual anchors or a complete, custom designed mooring system for your particular application.


The holding power of a mooring weight is affected by the following factors: whether or not it is set (imbedded in the bottom); the proper amount of scope is used; the weight and shape of the boat; the condition of the chain, hardware and line used; the wind, wave, tide and current conditions at any given moment. DOR-MOR, Inc. has no control over these factors and, therefore, assumes no liability for loss or damage in the utilization of our products.

Information on how to set up a mooring is available on request.

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