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Approx. Wind Load: _____ 64 Knots _____ 100 Knots Bottom Type: ____________________
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Anchorage: ______________________________ Harbormaster: ____________________
Scope: ____________________
Dor-Mor Anchor Size: ____________________
Buoy Type: ____________________
Buoyancy: ____________________
Shackles: ____________________
Swivel, Eye to Eye: ____________________
Top Chain Weight: ____________________
Sentinel Weight: ____________________
Bottom Chain Weight: ____________________
Pennant Type: ____________________
Chafe Guard: ____________________
Floats: ____________________
Pick-up: ____________________

The holding power of a mooring weight is affected by the following factors: whether or not it is set (imbedded in the bottom); the proper amount of scope is used; the weight and shape of the boat; the condition of the chain, hardware and line used; the wind, wave, tide and current conditions at any given moment. DOR-MOR, Inc. has no control over these factors and, therefore, assumes no liability for loss or damage in the utilization of our products.

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